the secrets of snow valley

Firefly: Ice Born — Book One (The Secrets of Snow Valley #1.0)

A Kobo Bestseller for Kids & Teens and “Teen Hidden Gem” Selection

Praise for Firefly

“Pevato reveals the workings of her world well – and creates tension that builds as one dangerous situation after another ratchets up the suspense.”

The BookLife Prize in Fiction

“Pevato has given us a wonderful start to an interesting YA series about witches and magic that takes place within a frosty, isolated setting that only enhances the mood. In fact, I kept getting a neat Twin Peaks/Northern Exposure meets Charmed vibe as I read.”

Heidi Ruby Miller, Faculty Member, Creative Writing, Seton Hill University


Charmed meets Twin Peaks in Firefly, the first novel in this bittersweet young adult paranormal trilogy about Ice Born teenage witch Emeranne Goode and Fire Born immortal witch hunter Bennett Bassett, whose family is assigned to destroy her Snow Valley Coven.

In the tiny alpine Village of Snow Valley, the dark forest holds many secrets, secrets of unsolved murders and shocking betrayals. Most residents would dismiss the idea of witches in their midst, yet a battle centuries-old rages as immortal witch hunters stalk the local Coven.

The hunted—a Coven of Ice Born teen witches just emerging into their full talents.

The hunters—a family of Fire Born immortal witch hunters assigned to assimilate, infiltrate, and eliminate the Coven.

After Emeranne Goode discovers the remains of a Coven member’s mother in Snow Valley National Forest, Ems and her Coven use their assorted magical powers to discover who was behind her violent death. And when one of their own is abducted, Ems must decide whether or not to trust Bennett Bassett, whose family members hold the fate of the Coven in their immortal hands. In a race against time, Ems must summon all of her magical abilities to pull off a daring rescue, and to escape with her own life.

Ems’ and Bennett’s growing affection for one another is doomed from the start: she is the hunted and he is the hunter. Can they survive impossible odds and opposing forces, forces determined to keep them apart?

Firefly peels away the layers of secrets hidden within the sleepy little alpine valley to reveal the dark histories and solve the even darker mysteries that lie beneath the surface and pit the Coven and their allies against ruthless witch hunters. Firefly is the first novel in The Secrets of Snow Valley trilogy. The trilogy continues with Butterfly: Ice Born – Book Two (forthcoming).

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The First Coven: An Ice Born Legend (The Secrets of Snow Valley #1.5)

Praise for “The First Coven”

“If you like fairytales and magical elements, you will adore this story.”

Emma Holtrust, The Beauty of Literature, Goodreads Review

“Pevato manages to create an atmosphere much like those in fairy tales and it was fascinating, magical and enjoyable.”

Megan, YA Bookers, Goodreads Review

“‘The First Coven’ made me feel as if I were reading a story out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales … Having read Firefly … this story definitely sets up a history that fits the novel.”

Yousra, Bookshelves Infinity, Goodreads Review


When a farmer’s wife dies in childbirth, his three daughters turn to witchcraft to bring their mother back to life. A fairy tale full of magic, spells, potions, talking animals, and mysterious thieves, this short story is a companion folk tale to pm pevato’s Kobo Bestseller for Kids & Teens and Kobo Teen Hidden Gem Firefly: Ice Born — Book One.

For readers who haven’t read Firefly, “The First Coven” is certain to peak readers’ curiosity.

The Ice Born Legends accompanying The Secrets of Snow Valley trilogy continue with “The Crimson Mirror” (forthcoming).

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